Swoly Grail Client Testimonials

The 'Swoly Grail' home of biblical gains.

Check out our client testimonials. The proof is in the pudding.

"The 6 week 'Swoly Grail' program completely changed my training. I went from curling tins of beans in my living room watching Joe Wicks in a spider man suit to smashing out hammer curls with huuuuggggeeee dumbbells" Jac Afron.


"The 'Swoly Grail' program changed me. I went from hours of cardio, mainly running. I would spend ages chasing pavements to burn calories. Rumour has it that the Swoly Grail is the training bible we all need. Hello, it's the home of biblical gains." Adele Nobodyknowsmysecondname.


"I went from training in a broom cupboard to being in cover model shape, all thanks to the Swoly Grail program. It's made me feel a live and kicking again. Sandi Peter.


Real transformation... Bryan Seedy. 


Disclaimer: These people never followed the Swoly Grail, we wouldn't let them! haha. Apart from Bryan he took Swoly to a new level of biblical.